Developers: Keep up the good work!

As a retired software developer, I very much appreciate the LingQ developers and your responsiveness. Thank you. Lingq is a FANTASTIC language learning tool. You have a complex job, and you continue to improve this application. Thank you!


I echo this sentiment. This is the best language learning software out there imo and works very well. I’m also currently a software developer so I certainly understand the difficulties especially with a tool that is so multi-faceted. I know the developers are working hard to provide the best experience.


Agreed. Lingq 5.0 has made me fall in love with the software again. The developers all work very hard behind the scenes to bring us new functionalities, which is very much appreciated.


What you all talkin about??? I demanded they implement a highly unrealistic feature just for me a few days ago and I don’t see it implemented yet! Amateurs!


Why link is full of software developers? one here also

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Yeah me too.

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My theory: a fascination with computer languages is not all that different from a fascination with human languages


My theory: software developers are much more likely than normal civilians to not have real lives and spend their time bickering on internet forums.


Don’t forget the marketing and content teams :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re probably both right.

An additional theory: software developers are often obsessed with increasing efficiency and optimizing processes, and this leads us here because lingq is a more efficient than other tools for language learning.

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I’d love to know what technology they use to combine such functionality with the elegance. Can’t be just plain old JS, can it?

Exactly: I hated the thought of all that manual effort thumbing through dictionaries, keeping track of new vocabulary, and creating my own flashcards – even with flashcard software