Deutsch Konversation Meetup

Hallo Deutschlerner,

LingQ German tutor Kathi is holding German conversation meetups on Thursdays.

This is a great opportunity to practice speaking German.

Details (links and times) for joining the event(s) are shown below.

If you plan to join, please comment below and save the date/time in your calendar.

Event details

If these times don’t work for you or you want to get private 1-on-1 conversation guidance to improve your German, you can book a tutor conversation with Kathi here: Login - LingQ

Viel Glück,


i will attend today

Think I can do the 9th, assuming I can get zoom to work!

I will join on the 9th! Looking forward to speaking with you guys!

Edit: Sorry i got called into work on the 9th. I will try to make the 16th!

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Is the meeting happening today?