Deutsch epiphany point?

I know there’s been another thread debating at what stage a so-called ‘epiphany point’ occurs. But I was wondering whether any intermediate/advanced German learners felt this happened for them? And at what stage?

I’m also curious as to whether ‘the epiphany’ seemed to apply more to speaking and/or comprehension rather than reading…

I guess what I’m thinking of as an epiphany point is a distinct shift/Gestalt moment after which the language seems to suddenly click and come together effortlessly. Maybe it’s fluency, I’m not sure. (But from what I can tell, it seems to be more a qualitative vs quantitative change.)

My guess is that the point comes earlier in German than in English. Perhaps this is because of the strict rules of the German syntax, not despite its strictness. (Edited)

I wonder if “the” before “German syntax” is necessary or not, although I know that English is always “the” English language. German is “the” German language. If you are talking about the syntax in a certain context, is it always referred to as “the” German syntax?

No, it’s not necessary with German syntax, the same as it wouldn’t be necessary with German cars, or German beer.

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