Desktop Flashcard issues

Hi folks,

I’m running into a few problems with the LingQs of the Day flashcards:

  • Flashcards aren’t launched automatically when I click through from the email. (Not a big problem & has an easy workaround, but I think it was working before.)

  • When I press the spacebar to flip a card, my browser window also scrolls downwards. (This is on Chrome 35 on Mac OS X 10.8). The card does flip, so it’s catching the spacebar, but it’s as if it then passes the spacebar event back to the browser for it to process as well.

  • The status indicator (ie the 1 2 3 4 levels) and the big Oops / Got It buttons aren’t appearing on my flashcards anymore - though I’m sure that part was working yesterday.

  • After a few flashcards, it stops recognizing the Enter key (and yesterday it wouldn’t recognize my clicks on the Got It button, even thoughI could see the button depressing on screen), which prevents me progressing further in the flashcards. I’ve tried clicking on the flashcards part of the screen in case it was an issue with where the keyboard was focused, but to no effect.

I’m still a fan of LingQ though, and I’m sure these will eventually be resolved :slight_smile:

@syneryder - we are looking into it now! Sorry for the trouble. Hope to have it fixed soon!

I have problems with the flashcards, too. The buttons “oops” and “Got it” don’t appear. Since about one and a half year, the only thing I’m using on Lingq is the flashcard option. But even with this single tool, there are regularly appearing new problems. Sometimes I’m wondering why I still pay $10,- each month, when I can’t even rely on one sole tool and I have to report problems again, again and again. Sorry, that I have to say it. Hope you are able to fix this problem soon.

@il_melomane70 - we are really, really sorry about that. We do our best to solve it as soon as possible. Nice profile pic by the way. I love cats too :slight_smile:

@galina - Thanks for the reply! All right, I will hold off on doing my vocabulary exercise until tomorrow.:wink:

(galina: Nice profile pic by the way.I love cats, too) - Thanks, meanwhile I only have one of these two cats (the tomcat on the left side) because of their many tussles at night-time. Now I don’t have any problems neither with my neighbours nor with the landlord (at least not concerning loud riots during the night :))