Desk top photogallery learning

What do you guys think about this:

You know those desktop picture frames that change pictures? Well, what about cycling through your recent LingQs with a picture in BIG letters:


Now… I’ve seen photo albums that can connect to Facebook to get the pictures. So what you could do is generate a bunch of pictures from your recent LingQs, upload the pictures to Facebook (to a set album. Each upload would delete the old pictures so you always start fresh), and then your album pulls down the pics. Oh man, I think that would be fantastic

Let us know how you make out.

Well I got some of it done. Not sure if I’ll do the Facebook part.

Download and run

It pulls ALL your LingQs. So be very patient (for those with a gazillion lingqs). I don’t have a digital frame (yet) so can someone tell me how they look? The images look like they should look nice on a digital frame

Oh, you MUST have the desktop version of Java installed.
If it doesn’t run, chances are you don’t have Java

Here’s a sample image

Thanks a lot! Works like a snap!

I put everything into a directory, and defined this directory as the source for desktop background images with a random image every 5 seconds.

Nice! Well I hope lots of people get some usage out of it