Design Your Own Avatar Items

Hi all,

Today we announced that from now on we will be taking submissions for new Avatar handheld items and outfits. We feel this will be a great way for our more artistically-gifted members to have an opportunity to create something more visible on the site. Submitting a design is as simple as emailing it to LingQ Support. If we like your design, we’ll give you 500 points and put your name in the description of the item for all to see :slight_smile:

Please let us know what you think!

You can find the original announcement here: Design Your Own Avatar Items

Hi Alex, is it possible to draw an avatar on paper by hand, to scan the paper et send it to you by mail?

Hi Cecile!
You are welcome to design the items whichever way you would like to. Ideally, the item should match the cartoony style of the current Avatar :slight_smile:

I think this is a ploy to keep us from studying…

Sanne, different people like different things. I am enjoying Russia and the Russian I have learned at LingQ. I look forward to whatever people come up with in the way of Avatars.I am of a different generation.

My avatar is still naked, perhaps someone will come up with a fig leaf or a white beach towel?

By the way, I am quite envious of your being in St. Petersburg/Russia generally. I still remember the one week I had there during the white nights in the mid-1990s, sheer magic.

@Cecile - Actually, scanning your paper drawing and sending it by email is not going to work. We will need the artwork to be in some kind of digital image file format produced in photo shop or some other kind of graphic design tool. Keep in mind that you should try to maintain the same style as our avatar for all designs that you do. We will only accept those items that are of high enough quality and which match the style of the current designs.

You are more than welcome to send us hand drawn suggestions for what you would like to see us create for the avatar but those will be treated more as suggestions.

Since my smallest son is fixated on the Russian space program, I would like to be able to buy my Russian avatar a space suit and a Mir space station to live in.

We need a non-female outfit for the Korean avatar!

A doctor Who outfit and a Tardis for the English one!