Deselecting Phrases

We have now added the ability to deselect any highlighted phrases. Phrases can be LingQed by highlighting a group of words, but this caused problems if the wrong words or phrase was accidentally highlighted, meaning the page had to be refreshed every time. We have now added a small red ‘x’ to the top corner of any phrase that you select, giving you the ability to quickly and easily deselect a phrase. This makes correcting an accidentally highlighted phrase much more convenient.

Along with this change, we have also improved the overall feel of the popups on the Lesson page. We hope these enhancements will result in a more pleasant LingQing experience.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Sometimes it happened that when I selected a phrase in which already one word was yellow the whole selected phrase simply vanished from the text… so I did not have to worry about it anymore :wink: I have to check whether it still happens after the latest improvements.

This error should now also be fixed with this recent update :slight_smile:

I have noticed the red cross and also a blue one on the top right corner of the popups, which is nice because from time to time one of them stayed stubbornly open for no reason. Thank you very much.

We have made some additional enhancements to reduce the occurrence of sticky popups, but if all else fails the blue “x” is now there in the corner, allowing you to manually close these pesky popups.

It was really great - nice and smooth - until that “visible LingQ status” feature was added. That latest feature is messing up the process of checking up phrases/multiple words and is not an improvement to me.

Right, the number appears in the phrase… I like the word status number in the text though, and being able to change the status in the pop-up window is an excellent idea. I hope they will be able to fix the interference thing.

We’ll take a look and figure out the phrase glitch. Thanks for letting us know. In the meantime, you can edit your phrase after you create it on the LingQ widget just to take out the number.

I was expecting to see an update like this for quite some time.
Thank you for the improvements.
Thank you for helping me so much in my language learning.

Glad you’re enjoying the update!