Describe yourself in three words

I am a rebel.

N.B. Found this on Twitter the other day; it’s been retweeted ad nauseum, so you might have seen it ages ago.


learning new language

I want to be a bookworm.

I’m a cat

You are a bookworm (oder eine Leseratte).

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Always in training

N.B. SanneT tu es rebelle et re-belle

Ahh, merci: Tu es belle et rebelle !

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a recovering perfectionist

(with occasional relapses)


ps am I going crazy or has the start new thread button disappeared?

I think you might be going crazy…! The button should be there on the main forum list for each forum. We did make a change recently to no longer allow threads to be created on the Updates forum only. We are reserving that forum for messages from us.

Ahah! That explains it. I went to the Updates forum to say something along the lines of “Wow, I really like the fact there’s now no longer a word limit on imports and it automatically splits longer texts. This is going to save me quite a bit of time.” But, for reasons that are now obvious, I didn’t. Thanks anyway!

Always a rebel :slight_smile:

In three words: “former high achiever” (There are less mild ways of putting it! :-D)

I am alive

Come on, you are one big “Admirer of Maggie” (Thatcher)!

You eat well.

Actually, three words isn’t enough in English. “I am a…” and I’m already out of words! :slight_smile:

Alright ! Wait , what?


I am lazy.

I’m friendly.

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