"DEnglisch", a tool for economic dissimulation?

Some weeks ago Steve posted a thread over at the French Open Forum

It concerned Claude Hagège who claims that the US-driven supremacy of English is killing languages.

You may know that I occasionally lament the DEnglisch spoken in some quarters in Germany, but I tend to blame the ‘users’ rather than the English language…

I have now found another interesting claim on Twitter. A German professor has analysed the company reports of all 30 DAX companies. (The DAX is the German Stock Market equivalent of the FTSE).

Apparently there is an average of 14 English words per page. This, according to Prof. Michael Olbrich, amounts to attempted economic dissimulation and/or attempts of a cover-up, a criminal offence. The worst ‘offenders’ seem to be Deutsche Bank, Siemens and SAP.