Demi-progress? One out of two isn't bad . .

Nearly 11 years ago I taped a Russian-French documentary entitled “Chaliapine, L’Enchanteur”. His was a voice quite regularly heard on German radio in my childhood.

In 2003, at the time the film was shown, I could just about manage to read the French sub-titles and understand the (very, very) occasional word of Russian. Shortly after that my video player gave up its ghost and I switched to DVD and boxed up the videos. I joined LingQ in 2009 and have been doing French and (some) Russian more or less regularly. Mostly, less.

Recently I found all my old videos in the garage, together with the rough index I had made. Imagine my joy when I read Feodor Chaliapin’s name! I managed to rig up an ancient video player - also from the garage - on a spare monitor.

To my great joy and amazement, I didn’t need the French subtitles at all. Actually, I didn’t even have to pay attention to the French, I simply understood it.

I was able to concentrate on the Russian while I listened to the wonderful singers and speakers. Russian heaven. What an amazing record of amazing times. I still don’t understand more than a few words, but I’ve got a feel for the language at last!



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What an inspiring story for a new entry on Lingq like me! Thanks for sharing!

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There are other members here who have much more impressive inspiring stories to tell, mine is more a story of succeeding despite myself :slight_smile: Thank you, nevertheless!

Keep working on your Russian, Sanne, it just takes longer, but it is fascinating. Thanks for sharing.