Delightful new tutors

We are all so used to our excellent established tutors that new tutors may never get a look in as far as we are concerned.

A current resolution of mine is to be more open to new experiences and I am extremely pleased to have chosen


as the first native speaker for my return to Russian. She has helped me to rediscover the joy of learning this amazingly complex language.

Not only is she a delight to work with, her voice is clear and pleasant (and, a bonus, her level of German and English is very good, indeed). Russian natives who want to learn German or English might find her help invaluable.

I may have to start tutoring again in order to get points to start studying in earnest again … Am totally torn between my old (not necessarily in years) French tutors and the new ones I have been trying out. Choices!


Delighted to hear, Sanne.

Thank you very much for your opinion! :slight_smile: I am very glad you enjoyed our conversation. I did too. I am looking forward to having new students at lingq :slight_smile:

Just cycle through them all and you don’t have to choose! I think it’s good to talk to a lot of different people.

Good point!

On the other hand, wouldn’t I have to recycle my “I am …, I like … , I have a dog/cat/goldfish/hamster/tortoise” bit just that little bit too often? I suppose I could postpone the detailed personal info until a later time and jump right in with deep existential questions … Hmmm.

Sure, why not!

Your French must be better than mine. I’m only able to bore my tutors with trivialities … and that’s on a good day!

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Don’t think so!


Excellent self-deprecating remark! Am proud of you as a fellow Canadian.

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