DELF Tout Public..How to start?

Hi and good day to all. As the title mentioned, I wish to take a DELF test at the end of this year. However, I have only been studying French by myself for two years on LingQ and occasionally talk to some native French speakers on Skype. From my perspective of view, I would say that my French reading skill is the best, follow by listening and lastly speaking. I wonder, is it appropriate to go for a placement test before enrolling into any classes in Alliance Française, is going to Alliance Française’s courses a good choice ? Or should I just buy a course book from Alliance Française and study it by myself and eventually sit for the test? Thank you for anyone who shares their experience with me.

Katie from Joy of Languages just wrote a post about taking and passing the DALF (the C-versions of the DELF). I’m sure there will be some good tips for you there: I passed the DALF exam! Intermediate to fluent French in 5 months (what really happened) - Joyoflanguages


does she use lingq?

I don’t think so but she mentioned to me that she agrees with a lot of Steve’s philosophy on learning through input.

Thank you very much for forwarding this article to me. It does give me an idea of how to plan my journey.

just finished reading it as I would like to start learning French after Spanish its a good read!

Also, if you are thinking of the B2 DELF, there is a free MOOC called Préparer et Réussir le DELF B2 et le DALF C1 that can still be done as an archived course on the FUN platform:

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Thank you for your suggestion. I would take a look at it.