Is there a way to delete multiple lessons in my library at once? I’m trying to delete several lessons but there are so many and I’m currently deleting each one by one and it’s taking a long~ time…

No, there isn’t a way to do this. You may want to Archive them instead by ticking the little box, which is faster to do.

Then may I suggest that you incorporate this ability into the system?

Perhaps you could have a feature that allows you to make changes that affect ALL lessons/assignments in progress…much like what you can do with the LingQs that are saved in the vocabulary section. In the Vocabulary section it is possible to select multiple LingQs/words and delete them all at once. So I think it’d be nice to have this ability for the assignments as well.

Secondly how about having a feature that allows us to expand or restrict the number of assignments/LingQs on one page? As you know, a lot of e-mail suites have this feature whereby one can choose to display 10 to a 100 emails per page, let’s say. I think this feature would also be very convenient.

Thanks for the suggestions. We may look into doing something like this at some point.

I find this thread and would like to join to LinguaFranca’s request in path about multiple delete of lesson.
It is very uncomfortably to delete each one. I did a mistake and push “take all” at the course. Now I have more then 350 added lessons in my list. And still only one way to delete them, as I understand :frowning:
I’ll try to do that at free time :slight_smile: