Deleting Words increases LingQ counter?

Hello, I am sorry for making another thread about “almost” the same problem as last time.

The thing is that, every time I “delete” a word ( I click on “Ignore this word” ), the word doesn’t get deleted but instead
goes to my LingQ counter. So everytime delete a word, my LingQ counter increases, filling my LingQ limit and forcing me to upgrade.
This is also probably why I reached my LingQ limit without making any LingQs.
The delete function is really useful for me, so I hope this gets fixed soon.
Does anyone have the same problem?

I am sorry if I caused any trouble, it’s just become impossible for me to learn on LingQ.

P.S. I will probably upgrade to premium soon, but I’m not sure if the problem will get fixed by that.

Hi! We checked into this further and found out exactly what was causing it. Just an issue in the back end that affected a small number of users, so it should be fixed now. Deleting LingQs shouldn’t be increasing your limit - you can try this with another LingQ and you should be able to see it work properly (if not let us know!).

Thanks for the help.
Sadly it still increases my LingQ counter. It’s 63/60 now. Can you maybe try to reset/delete all my LingQs completely?

OK, let’s follow up via email and try to get this figured out!

I have the same problem. I had 3 Lingqs but the count says 26

Can you maybe try to reset/delete all my LingQs completely too?

Hey Lucas,
the LingQ Support says that they are working on this problem. It seems like we have to wait till it gets fixed.

Ok, but it is uncomfortable to me to stop my learning for a couple of days ;(

I have the same problem to … And as i don’t have any lingq created and It says I have 22 and won’t let me see the translation for new words, I had to stop studying… :frowning: