Deleting words from vocab in Mozilla

I have to use Mozilla at the moment (not reluctantly, mind you) and I seem to be unable to delete vocab words by checking them and selecting delete from the drop-down menu. However, changing status via the drop-down works. Perhaps this is a Mozilla related issue or perhaps I don’t know what I’m doing (quite likely). Any help would be appreciated.


When you say Mozilla, do you mean Firefox? I am able to delete multiple words using FF 2.0. Earlier versions of Firefox are not supported.

Firefox, yes, sorry. I’m using Firefox 3.0. I check the words and select delete and nothing happens. I can only delete the words by clicking on a single word and bringing up the ‘word panel’ and selecting delete. I was hoping for a way to speed up that process. Thanks,

I just checked it again to be sure and it definitely doesn’t work. Every other option (+1, -1, move to known) works fine. Nothing happens when I select delete.

Hi Ben,

That was a problem in Firefox 3. It has now been fixed. Please let us know if you find any more problems using FF3. We will be making any required fixes since FF3 is due out of beta soon.