Deleting tags

Tags are great, but when you use a lot of them, it does start to get messy. Currently, I have 20 tags starting with the letter “t” and I need to scroll to find the right tag. Kind of annoying when I use them a lot. There are only so many letters in the alphabet and only so many numbers you can start tags with.
As early as 10 years ago, Steve promised in one of the old threads on this forum that Lingq was improving the tagging system including allowing deletion of tags. Is this still under “development”? Would be great to be able to delete obsolete tags in an easy way.


Yeah, I would love that.

I had activated the autotagging at the beginning, which is by default, and now I have a lot of old words with lots of tags that I don’t need. There is no option to bulk delete them, no option to reset and so on. It’s just one word at a time! Funny thing, somewhere else there is a post about the importance of tagging.