Deleting lessons?

Hey guys ;D so on the old lingq you used to be able to delete lessons that were under your lessons but now it seems you can only archive them, is there a way to delete them or no?

Loving the update, keep up the good work guys ;D Let me know though

@osaieh - Glad you’re liking the update. We will be adding the delete feature to the lesson dropdown for imported lessons. For lessons added from the library, if you want them out of My Lessons you can archive them.

I always thought the meanings of “archive” and “delete” are different in the old LingQ system. If I archive lessons on my list, it means I finish these lessons and I will not see them in the library while searching for new lessons. While deleting lessons, I just remove them from my list and put them back to the library. I can still find these lessons in the library as new lessons.

Now I have a problem: what if I accidentally wrong-click a lesson which contains too many new words and I may want to study it later on, what should I do? If I archive it, the library system will not treat it as a new lesson for me, right? and this lesson may not be able shown a recommendation from the system. If I just leave it there on the list, it is kind of an eyesore :wink: What should I do in this case?

I totally agree with Kigoik. Please bring back the delete feature and make it work like before!

Point taken, kigoik!

Archiving and deleting are two different features. Archiving is for finished lessons, deleting is for lessons that we accidentally picked from the library or for lessons that we picked but later we changed our mind on studying it.

I would like the delete feature back, too, please. For me it’s quite a shock that is has been taken out as I was using it all the time for lessons I did not need at all.

We will be adding the delete function back. Please be patient as we work through all the issues with our new release.

@Kigoik - As an additional note, once deleting is working again, you may want to make a playlist for lessons you have taken and want to study later so you don’t have to “refind” them in the Library when you’re ready.

Thank you, mark, stone off my heart :slight_smile:

Just in agreement, I miss the delete feature myself. Sometimes I pick a lesson then decide it may be too difficult and want to try it further down the road. I’m looking forward to having that delete option back. Thanks all for the hard work thus far.

With everyone reporting problems, or just how they like to use the site, I am confident that we can continue to improve things.

Am I missing something. How exactly do you delete a lesson?-- i chose a lesson that is a little too advanced and want to get rid of it. Also, how do we archive (all I see under my lessons is "archive items i haven’t used in 3 months). What about if i want to archive something that is only 2 months?

Thanks in advance,

@mikebooks - There’s a little down arrow next to the Open button on lessons. Just click that button and you’ll find several options related to the lesson, including an Archive and a Delete button.

Thanks! I see where my problem is. I was trying to do this from the general timeline that opens up when I sign in (which only allows you to study or share). However, when I go into any other view (i.e. Library, My Lessons, My Imports, or My Archives) it works like a charm.

Very much appreciated (now have some organizing to do).


LingQ, with all honesty, what you have done here is fabulous. This website that you and your team have put together is super effective. I am telling all of my language learners about it wherever I go. The one feedback my friends and family tell me is that they find the website somewhat “user unfriendly”. They feel somewhat “lost”. I myself have learned how to navigate, but maybe they are not as computer compatible as me. I must admit that for someone learning how to navigate LingQ for the first few times, LingQ may come across as an unwelcoming website. Most people fall in love or get turned off to a website by judging from their first few minutes of experience. This should not be so, but we live in a world where the things that should not be, are. A way to fight this is to understand that when language learners visit LingQ, their first moments navigating are crucial. The website should give the image of self-guidance. There can not be a disconnection between the user and the guidance of the website. They should feel as if the website could not get any simpler. When they look at the website they should not feel lost. LingQ, I know you are passionate about what you are doing, and this is why I will continue to recommend you to all who are eager to learn another language.

Thank you

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@JonLear - Glad you like the site and thanks for the feedback! We are constantly working to make the site easier to use for newcomers and for all members and we will continue to do so. We do recognize the importance of the initial contact as you point out.