Deleting learned Linqs subtracts from my Known Words total

When I delete Linqs, the total is subtracted from my “Known words” total. Which means that I learn words and increase my “Known words” number, only to see it decrease back to what it was when I originally created those LinQs.

I didn’t notice this happening until the last couple of weeks or so, so I don’t know if there’s a setting somewhere that can be changed. But right now I am unable to use my Known words to mark my language learning progress.



LingQ’s are not really meant to be deleted. Why are you deleting them? If it’s to extend your free trial you will be surprised to learn that the 20 LingQ limit is a hard limit.

@julian101 - when you delete LingQs, that terms are deleted from your stats (and from your known words as well). You don’t have to delete your learned LingQs. If you don’t want them to show up in your review, you just should select “never in SRS” status (next to the status “4”).


Thank you for your replies.

I deleted several hundred linqs back in the fall when I had over 1000 of them. A lot of them were words that I felt I didn’t need in my word review lists. It just seemed there were too many words in there to manage proper regular review. These were known words that I didn’t think I needed to review anymore. Doing those deletions didn’t affect my known words score, (that I noticed). Only more recently did this start happening.

I suppose there’s no other real reason why I should consider deleting linqs. I will use the “never in SRS” status feature as you recommend, and go from there.

Thanks for your advice.