Deleting Language does not reset LingQ and known words

I deleted all my languages and reset the last one. I thought that means 0 LingQ and 0 known words. But it shows that I have 69 LingQ at Login - LingQ and 17 known Japanese words.

Also when I hover over the known words it shows [object Object]

Hi ZelAlex,
Sorry about that! I was able to reproduce the issue and it has been reported. I’ll keep you updated.

I had the same problem initially, but then remembered the re-set option works if you’re ‘studying’ a different language from the one you’re trying to re-set at the time. For example, select a random language to study from the language drop-down top right, return to settings & re-set Japanese, then delete the extra language you randomly chose. Worked for me.

This issue has now been fixed. Thanks again for letting us know about it!