Deleting history/statistics - Starting over

I know this is an extreme request, but I have been away from language learning and the target language (which I hadn’t gotten very far in) for a LONG time, and the accumulated wisdom in LingQ of what I "know"is no longer relevant to my actual situation.

What I want to do is start fresh. Wipe that history clean and start over, as if I was new to LingQ. Is there a way to do that?

This is probably the worst website design I have ever seen. When you join , it just drops you in the middle of confusion and says “there you go, have fun” . There is nothing fun about this site. It is aggravating and frustrating to figure out how the darn thing works. There aren’t any FAQ s that I can find and there aren’t any beginner tutorials that I can find . The videos on Youtube are just about as useless .

Hi Golden.Mark!
Yes, you can do this by removing the language in the “Languages” section of the Settings and then adding it like a new one.

Thank you, Denys_B for the prompt and helpful response. I had actually considered that as a possible solution. It’s great to get some validation before just leaping in and experimenting.

You click on blue words and they turn yellow. After you see them a few times, you turn them white. There. Its that simple

You’re always free to not use it, if it’s such an horrible website like you say haha. Most people seem to love it