Deleted courses showing up on mobile (android

After I delete a course or lesson on desktop (windows) it will no longer be there. But after I open lingq on mobile even weeks later the courses will still be there. Is there a way to fix this, or something that I am doing wrong? Please let me know! Thanks.

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I asked our Android developer to look into this. If there’s any issue, we will have it fixed.


The android app does not flush/update the cache in a timely manner. This causes “zombies” such as you are seeing and other troubles, such as outdated learning status. If you go into App settings on your Android device and manually clear the cache, I suspect all will be well.

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There are a bunch of synchronization bugs in the android app. Others that I have noticed:

  • Playlists that have been deleted in the web app will continue to show up in the android app (and the reverse is also true…)
  • Lessons added to a course will not show up, regardless of how many times you attempt to “refresh” the course or close and restart the app
  • You can get around this by finding the newly imported lesson in your lesson feed and opening it there. This seems to force the course to synchronize
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