Deleted an unlearned word by mistake

Hi can anyone help. I inadvertently deleted a word from my linked list that i hadn’t learn’t. This word is now no longer highlighted in the lesson text (i.e. it is neither highlighted in blue or yellow) i assume this means that i now know this word (which i don’t)… Can this problem be resolved to allow me to select the word again?

Take it easy! One word is nothing if you understand other words.
And if this word is really widely spread, you meet it again.
I’m a teacher, but I can’t understand the people who would like to know every word in the text.
If you know 90% words, it’s already Ok, 10% you can guess - and this process is very useful by language learning.
Merry Christmas!

Not to worry! If you delete a word it is marked as “ignored” and is not reflected in any of your statistics. To save this word again, just highlight it with your cursor :slight_smile: