Deleted all LingQs but still can't add more

Deleted all LingQs but still can’t add more

LingQs limit is a hard limit, and even if you remove previously created LingQs, you won’t be able to create new LingQs instead.
You do still have access to all the content but to create LingQs and track vocabulary you have to upgrade to Premium. You can invite friends to increase your LingQs limit and if any of them upgrade you can earn points. Visit the invite page for more details - Login - LingQ.

if I upgrade for one month and then downgrade the next can I set another twenty?

I would recommend upgrading if you want to use the service. The free version is just for testing out the functionality before you buy.

Me too. Every so often someone asks some annoying questions like this regarding the “free version” of LingQ. I’m always like, “Dude, there is no free version of LingQ. Access to the content library is free and they give you a chance to try out the software before buying so you get a sense for what it’s like.”


there is quite obviously a free version of the site. the difference between a free version and a trial is that a free version does not expire. just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I hope you’re on the payroll if you’re bothering to spam threads with unhelpful “annoying” comments like this.

I believe I have been, and continue to be, helpful to you in three ways: 1) I agreed with amop567 in his recommendation (and offered my own) that you upgrade; 2) I’m now the third person explaining to you how this site works; and 3) I have returned to this more than two week old thread to offer illumination again, rather than let you wallow in ignorance.

So, to recap…No there isn’t a “free version” and you yourself just showed how that’s true. Yes, that library is always free like I said, but the service is not. What you get is a TRIAL of LingQ that expires after 20 LingQs are created. It’s the same “version” of LingQ that we, the paying customers, use.

And far from my post being spam, you posted your inquiry on an open forum and Zoran answered your question right away. He even gave you a way to increase your LingQ limit by inviting friends. Yet, you kept asking about ways to use this service for free. So, amop567 politely gave you a recommendation about upgrading and explained what the “free version” really is: “just for testing out the functionality before you buy.” Only THEN did I comment.

Also, full disclosure: I’m not on LingQ’s payroll, unfortunately. I’m just rich, bored, and love learning Spanish. In other words, I have nothing better to do and lots of time to do it.

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