Delete or Hide courses and lessons

Is it possible to do? Seems like a very basic feature to ask for.

Yes, you can delete your imported courses and lessons. Hover over the menu button (three dots) next to your imported lesson and you will find the Delete option there.

In the Library, there is a heading “Continue Studying”, is there a way to delete the courses from that list, that popped in there while opening the lingQ library course, to establish if it was interesting to me in order to study? I want to streamline the “Continue Studying“ section heading to those courses (private or otherwise) that I am actually studying. For me, the (three dots) doesn’t give me the option to “remove” the LingQ generated courses away from the “Continue Studying” heading, back to their origin heading and out of my immediate view. It is not a big issue, just a niggle, when I’m done with the course I want to send it back into the Library, like returning a library book in real life.

Hi Tandrward
Don’t know if this’ll help in your circumstance, but I had similar situation where a course/lesson was visible on my top shelf, but there was no ‘remove’ from continue studying, however there was an ‘add’ to continue studying option visible although it was ‘already’ there as I had looked at the lesson.
So I just ‘added’ it, then the ‘remove’ option was visible, so was then able to remove from continue studying.
Have fun, best regards, Frank

Hello FrankG
That was a great workaround, it worked for me thanks. I do like things neat and tidy. :wink:

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