"delete lesson" problem remains for imported lessons

Hi Zoran,

I figured out why you and I are getting different results. It has nothing to do with cache (I’ve cleared that previously to no avail).

It turns out that the lessons I can’t delete come from my imports. I can’t delete those lessons whether I am at the “My Lessons” list or at the “My Imports” list.

So the failure to delete lessons that remains applies to lessons originating as imports. I can now delete lessons that did not originate as imports, so something did get fixed.

Please take at look at my Latin lessons, since that’s where I’ve been struggling.

I named the lesson “Want to delete this lesson” and the imported course is named “cant delete this”.

Thank you.

I encountered the same problem but didn’t realize it was one!

Here’s what I did then: I opened the course for editing (where one can change the picture, title, level…). At the bottom is a list of the lessons. I can import more, change the order and delete them using the rubbish bin. This worked fine.

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Thank you.

That was helpful.

Sorry about that. It seems that this issue with deleting is still active for lessons which are imported and are on My Imports page.
I’ve just checked and it seems that it is possible to delete this lessons directly from lesson editor as Deahna mentioned.
We will fix this soon. Thanks for your patience and thanks for letting us know about this!