Delete Extra Pages From Imports

Is there to delete extra pages from an imported lesson? I have some items that import with a extra page or two of previews from the next couple of news articles. I found articles on importing items, deleting them, etc., but nothing on deleting extra pages that certain sources always pull into every import.

On the Edit Lesson page, you can delete parts of text that you don’t want in a lesson. Did you give it a try?

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I see that now on the website version which does help. I only use website though when I need to bulk edit items. I normally use app which appears to allow you to edit a sentence at a time, and you have to highlight the entire sentence manually and delete it at that. You cannot even delete an entire sentence at a time which would be enough.

I can utilize the edit lesson though on the website. That does help tremendously. If you know of a way to do this from the app as well, please let me know, otherwise I will use the website to edit lessons.

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