Delete empty courses

after re-organising my lessons i have some empty courses. they don’t appear on the “my lesson” page, but when i go to “import new lesson” they are still there.
how can i delete them from there as well ?

Hi Yoshi

If you go to any of your courses that you have created, and click the course it then displays a list of 'Lessons in the Course, and ‘description’ pane on the right hand side, go to ‘edit course’ (note: this can be done also direct from the ‘Course’ view - edit course).
If you go to the address bar and check web address, for example https://…/55511/ and then just delete the 'course reference number 555111/ including last slash, hit return, and you will get to the 'Course list view showing ALL your created course and stats etc … where you can delete those empty courses.

Hope this helps,
Br, Frank

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yes! thank you

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