Delete books from shelf

Hello, I accidentally imported your books into my library

and it won’t delete. There is no delete box.

In your screenshot, “add to continue studying” is in the menu. That means that these are courses that are NOT in your collection; they are simply lessons in the library. The library is public; it’s not your personal library. You can’t really delete anything from there, although you can choose which topics are visible to you, by setting your preferences in your profile/settings.

If you aren’t interested in a particular lesson or course that appears in the public “library,” you do have the option to click “not interested.”

Your personal stuff is in the row called “continue studying” at the very top, in the tabs “lessons,” “courses,” or “imported” (things you yourself imported.)

Happy studies!


"I know that the courses are not mine; I accidentally clicked on them, and they appeared in the ‘continue studying’ section. But I don’t want to see them there. who is she. LingQ mini stories, Battle lines: israel- gaza. steve’s youtube video, universe in a nutshell, bbc 6 minutes, Mantak chia. is there any solution how to remove them?

The way to delete a course in Lingq is absolutely absurd. Trust me, I pointed it out to them during the beta testing phase for their new version two years ago, but it seems that their developers only hear what suits them at times.

When you click on a course, even accidentally, it will automatically be added to your continue studying. Now if you click on the three dots, you will actually see an option to remove from continue studying.

Click on it and the course will be deleted from the continue studying shelf.

For some courses, you might have to first add them to continue studying before removing them from continue studying. It is ridiculous.


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“Thank you for your help. I didn’t have the option to click on the three dots ‘remove from continue studying,’ but the solution from Soulmate solution helped me.”

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Great! I hope her solution will help many others as well. :slight_smile:

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I had previously given up on finding a solution to remove unwanted courses. This was very helpful. Thank you.