Delete a course name

Sometimes I import a lesson under a course name and then I put it under another course, and I want to delete the previous course name. How do I do that, so I don+t have lots of different names?

Sorry about the late reply here, Alvaro!
On My Lessons tab on the Home page, switch to Course view on the top too see list of all courses. You can also change the Sort By to Newly Imported to show your imported courses on the top and find them easier.
Then, you will see the Menu button (three dots) under each course, and under the menu you will find both EDIT COURSE option where you can change the course information, including its name, or DELETE COURSE where you can completely remove your imported course from LingQ.

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Thanks Zoran. All the courses that appear have lessons already. I want to delete the ones with no lessons that appear in my dropdown menu any time I edit a lesson.

You should be able to see empty courses too if you switch to Course view on the top. How many blank courses you see in the dropdown?

In the course view I only see courses with at least 1 lesson. I have lots in my dropdown; each time I import a pdf it gets automatically a new course name, and those are the ones I want to delete.

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