Delays when lingqing


at every 3rd or 4th blue word I’d like to mark as a lingq or known, I have to deal with several seconds of delay (like 5 seconds).
This occurs in both chrome and firefox.

Any help?


@Domas - I tried this but didn’t seem to have the same issue. Does this happen regardless of how quickly you move through the words? Are you using the shortcut keys or clicking with your mouse?

I’m using the shortcut keys, rather quickly. But it worked fine in the past.k

edit: just now I was going slower through the words, same problem.

@Domas - Would you be able to record a screencast using a program like Jing (Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith) so we can have a better idea of what might be happening here?

Also, has anyone else noticed a similar slowness when using the lesson page?

yes. on firefox.

I’ve noticed the same thing on Firefox in recent days. Actually, it’s since I moved to Edmonton, since I have a new Internet Service Provider and a slower connection than what I had in Montreal that’s whom I’ve been blaming all along. It seems that it happens to other people as well. I have yet to use LinqQ at work (faster computer and faster Internet connection).

@rafael_nc - Do you have the same issues in other browsers as well like Chrome? Or, have you only tried it in Firefox? I was having slowness issues today in Firefox but then closed and reopened Firefox and the problems went away.

I don’t think it is problem of browsers. website is just veeeeeeeeeery slow. Just registered. Tried to use it and… I want just one. Close the website and forget it!

Some months ago, LingQ was quite fast, now lingQing all blue words by pressing ENTER is awfully slow - 5 seconds per word. I am a bit disappointed. It does not depend on the browser.

I can’t work with lingqing words at all. It is carzy work! Choosing a word, choosing definition and waiting 10-20-30 second - nothing happens. I’m clicking again to lingq choosed word. After few seconds it is lingqed and lingqed nex word! :frowning: So I need delete last word from lingq list… Don’t understand why administation doesn’t work with website server… Is it on shared hosting??? Why it is so slow???

@Andy007, u50623 - Are these issues happening now? Or, was the slowness only happening at the time of your forum posts? I am unable to find any slowness at the moment. We are checking with our hosting provider to see if there was some kind of event on their end over our night time but if you could let us know if you are still experiencing slowness at the moment, that would be appreciated.

Website is still very slow. It opens small lesson for 30 seconds. Lingqing also works very bad.
Moreover, sometimes I see popup messages in browser “Internal error”.
Sometimes when I choose lingqed word (yellow), I see another, previouse lingqed word in right column.

I have been having the problem with yellow words showing the previous word for quite a while now. I’m surprised that this is the first time I have heard someone mention it, as it can be quite annoying.

I’ll try and give an example:

Right now I’m working on a lesson and there is this sentence. The capitalized words are the yellow words:

Plus loin des livres étaient ÉPARPILLES… un vieux chapeau haut de forme et une robe de chambre rouge ACCROCHÉS à une CLOISON BRANLANTE.

The first two yellow words show up on the right side of the screen if I click on them, and I can see/edit their definitions. But when I come to the word ‘CLOISON,’ it will not show up on the right side of the screen if I click on it. Instead whatever previous yellow word I clicked on will be in its place, and I can only see/edit the definition of that previous word. I can click on the next yellow word (‘BRANLANTE’) and it will show up on the right properly, but if I then go back and re-click on ‘CLOISON,’’ the word ‘BRANLANTE’ will still be there.

So unless I refresh the page (very time-consuming on long lessons to find my place again) I cannot see or edit my definitions of that word. And even if I do refresh the page, the problem will reoccur again with another word, guaranteed. I would say it happens with 5-10% of yellow words.

Using Firefox 17.0.1

@mark : Problems are with Firefox, but they come and go. I’ve noticed that if you hit enter to create a lingq and it is taking a while if you hit enter again once or twice, all of a sudden (after a few seconds) the following 1 or 2 blue words turn yellow as if a lingq was created. However, if you go back and select one of those yellowed words the hint that shows up is the one for the original word you wanted to lingq. Furthermore, if you reload the page, the extra 1 or 2 yellowed word are either blue again or with the right hint. Indeed, as far as the delay goes, once you reload the page things go back to normal; so you don’t really have to restart Firefox altogether. Again, as I said, this happens once in a while, I haven’t noticed any pattern. I’ll install Chrome to see what happens.

@lapoubelle - Is the lesson you are working on from the Library. Can you share it with me? Or, post the lesson url here in this thread.
@rafael_nc - I haven’t had the issue in Firefox today but I did have it yesterday. Do you have any add-ons that may be interfering?

@Andy007 - Can you provide us with any more information about your browser? What type and version number? Do you have any browser addons that could be causing problems? Your issues do not sound like issues other people are having.


The lesson I am working on is something I imported myself. I can share it, it’s public domain. Here we go:

It has been happening with all my lessons for the past couple of months, not just this one. Although just about everything I have been studying is imported…

I had the same problem yesterday with some French lessons from the library.
I use for the moment chrome.
refreshing the page solve the problem but it was very time consuming to do this for all Lingqing word.

this problem comes and goes from time to time. so I do not each time report it.


I agree with lapoubelle and Jolanda. This is an ongoing problem which has been occurring on and off throughout the whole of 2012.

There are delays mixed with sudden haste where the next word gets the same definition as the previous one.

It happens with lessons in the library in different languages. I found it happening today with one of Vera’s lessons from the GEO series.

In the second paragraph, the sentence “Elegant wie ein Sauna-Meister wedelt Tyler, unser River-Guide…” ended up being lingQed as the first word “élégant” which is fine, as I am working on German from French, and the next work Sauna also being lingQed as “élégant” which of course was incorrect.

I wouldn’t have marked Sauna anyway, nor indeed did I really wish to mark Elegant but that doesn’t matter, it seems as if the delay when using the “enter” key is sometimes followed by a rush of LingQs out of the blue.

I needed to refresh several times this morning, which is quite a time consuming business.

Upon refreshing, I established that the words were not permanently linkQed incorrectly, though I did see this phenomenon relating to some Spanish lessons earlier in the week.


Today LingQing is faster than yesterday.
The performance and responsiveness of the system differs throughout the day.
Sometimes it’s very slow.
Sometimes I see many Javascript error messages, then I am forced to refresh the page or to restart the browser.