Default Translator wanted DeepL

Is it possible to change the default sentence translator from Google to DeepL? I have added DeepL as a dictionary but am really hoping to harness what it does best, translate longer passages via the translate button


Sorry but that’s not possible at the moment. You will need to highlight a phrase and then use the DeepL dictionary to get the translation.

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Deepl is amazing. It would be great to use Deepl instead of google translate. If put sentence from Spanish to Czech via google translator. it often does not make sense


how hard could that be to implement?

Not sure, but at the moment we don’t have in plans to change the Google Translate as a default dictionary.

Have you seen how much better DeepL is? It’s SO much better.
If you haven’t tried it I would recommend a look. Try it on a paragraph from a novel or something complicated like that. It’s very impressive.


Agreed. I’d urge Lingq to seriously consider adding Deepl. Judging by the comments they don’t seem very familiar with it.


Ideally the user should be able to set their own default dictionary. Different translators serve different purposes for different users and languages


I agree that this would be a wonderful feature.

I agree, I only recently discovered Deepl. like a whole new world opening up. If only I had known earlier how much better it is than google translate.


@Zoran: maybe not as default, but as an option would be great!


I believe that many languages are not covered by DeepL

I use Deepl and Google Translate for translations. While Deepl L produces more context sensitive translations on occasions, there are limitations on how much use you can make of it without paying for the service. I have occasionally been blocked out from the programme in the middle of translation because I exceeded some usage limitations which are imposed on non-paying users. Google translate is free so is more flexible in this regard and sometimes I prefer the more literal translations that it supplies.

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I didn’t know it had limitations, good to know.

For some languages, e.g. Japanese in my opinion, google translate is almost useless while Deepl can most of the time provide a meaningful translation.

I don’t really mind that it’s not the default, but not being able to select more than 9 or so words in lingq to translate to Deepl is a bummer.