Default speed fixed for reading Korean paragraphs -- thank you!

Ok, I just want to thank whoever is responsible for fixing the default speed on normal paragraph reading in Korean. I’m assuming someone did something to fix it? It was waaay too fast before, like the warnings at the end of a commercial, and now it sounds normal. THANKS!!

PS it’s in “open forum” because I tried to post it in a more specific category but I got an error message saying I’m “not authorized to access this resource.”


I moved it to the Support & Feedback Forum for you, so they’re more likely to see it there. And it counts as “feedback” :wink:.

Is that where you tried to post it before?

Hmm. I tried to post it in lingq-reader, I think. Still figuring out how to use this forum.

No worries!

So lingq-reader is a tag. So you would select the forum category from the drop-down list, then select the tags.

However, I don’t know if you have to be at a certain trust level to select tags for your posts

This would be interesting to know.

I do know that I wasn’t able to create tags until I reached a certain trust level.

I’ll go ahead and add the “lingq-reader” tag for you. If you see any other tags that apply to your post that I miss, just let me know and I’ll mark your post with them.

Note: Try and add the tag first on your own though and see if it still gives you the same message as before.

If not, I’ll mark them for you. :slight_smile:

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