Default sort should be "Submitted day" on the correction list

In the list of corrected writing would it be better to have the “Submitted day” as the primary sort key. With this key the newest submission is on the top of the list. That makes things easier. I’m usually more interested in the newest corrections not in the oldest.

You’re right, Vera, but we are actually moving away from the corrections list. The list on the Write page does sort from newest to oldest and is the page we want tutors to start to use. We will not be improving the corrections list.

Do you improve the Write page, and add the informations that are shown on the tutor write page?

What info would you like to see on the Write page?

Well, first of all I want to have a switcher “Show my corrections/show my writings” :))

Rasana was faster!

I miss the number of words!

And do you have an idea where I pick then new writings? Do I only see writings submitted to me? It that is the case, who has the control if one tutor didn’t correct writings in between 2 days?

We are looking at a way to separate the two lists on the write page. Maybe with tabs.

The number of words while nice is not really a necessary field. We will see if it can be added. In future, you will only be concerned with your own writings. Learners will be notified if their writing has not been corrected so they can choose a different corrector.

If points for tutoring are credited automatically, without any invoices, than number of words is not a necessary field, but if tutors have to submit invoices, this field is very important :slight_smile:

I guess I should put in my two cents. I don’t see anything wrong with the current system and don’t see why it needs to be changed. I like to have the opportunity to correct writings that have been sitting on the list longer than a day or two. If tutors can’t get to their writings (unless they are specifically addressed to a tutor), the other tutors should have the opportunity to correct them. Of course this is my opinion, and I feel this way because I enjoy doing writing corrections.

@cakypa - that is coming soon. :slight_smile:

@Jillisa93 - the current system is working but it does create problems when some corrections are grabbed when they shouldn’t be or when nobody notices that writing is not being corrected. We are going to be opening up tutoring to more people and need a way to ensure there is no confusion. There will need to be some refinements when we upload the changes and we will want your feedback then to make sure it works for existing tutors as well.

Maybe you should send an email to the student after 48 hours that he should change the tutor. Also it should be possible to choose “every tutor” for those students who have no preferences and want to have a fast correction. Then the first tutor who see the writing can pick it. What do you think?

We are planning to send an email like that Vera, with instructions on how to choose a new tutor.