Default language

When I started using LingQ, I was asked the language I wanted to learn: I put German. Now I’m still learning Geman but I don’t like that it’s sort of a "default " language: even if I pratcice French, for example, everytime I open LingQ, “German” appears as a “default” language… is there a way I can select another “default” language?

Il sito si riapre sempre sull’ultima lingua usata.

No, it doesn’t work for me :frowning: It always open on German (great language, but i dont study it all the time…)

What I did to get around this was to create a separate bookmark leading to each language I’m studying on LingQ. Choose one of your languages from the drop-down menu at the top of this page, and bookmark the page that opens. Now you will have a direct link to that language. Repeat as needed.

@Tosca - If you go to every time, it will open to the last language you were looking at. However, if you have bookmarked your German home page, then clicking on the bookmark will always take you to German.