Default audio speed plus a Drop down/Popup for speed change

Changing speeds it a bit of a pain when having to clickthru to the speed you want. Is it possible to hover over the speed and have either a dropdown or popbox that allows me to pick the speed I want.

Also, as a beginner, I usually always set the speed to .75 so it would be nice to have an option to set a default speed so that I didn’t have to change the speed every time I listen to audio.

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That’s not possible at the moment, but we will see if that’s something we can implement in future updates.

I think this would be a great feature! Commenting and following to stay updated.

When you pause a lesson and come back at a later time (i.e. open it again), it reverts back to 1x, even if e.g. 1,5x is selected. Could you look into that, please? Thanks!

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Thanks, we will look into it.

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yes, please implement a default speed setting and also an option to adjust speed in 0.05 increments