Deepl Write (Beta) for improving our writing in English - German

Hi LingQers!

I love Deepl Translator. Here is a new AI tool for improving
your writing in English <-> German. Maybe some of you find this interesting / useful:

"The beta version of DeepL Write, our newly minted AI writing companion, is free and available for anyone to use!

What is DeepL Write? DeepL Write is an AI writing tool that improves written communication in both English and German. Write tackles more than just grammar—it puts you in control of your writing by offering suggestions on phrasing, tone, style, and word choice. With so many options, you’ll never compromise your authentic voice.

Who can use DeepL Write?
DeepL Write offers something for everyone, regardless of language proficiency. Whether you need to fine-tune some phrasing in your native language or double-check accuracy in your second (or third!) language, you can use the tool to feel more confident in your writing. Write is especially useful for professionals such as journalists, writers, or academics looking to boost their creativity through sentence, word, and rephrase suggestions. Multilingual teams in global companies can also use Write to draft clear and concise emails, campaign proposals, reports, and presentations for international clients.

Why are we launching DeepL Write?
Through conversations with loyal users of our translator, we found they often improve their writing by switching between source and target language—this gave us the idea to create a new tool exclusively to fine-tune written communication. Similar to the translator, Write utilizes sophisticated neural network technology that captures the context and nuances of the original text to provide rephrasing suggestions and alternative word choices.

Where can I use DeepL Write?
DeepL Write is available on your desktop browser at DeepL Write: AI-powered writing companion and via the mobile website on your personal device. As DeepL Write is in the beta phase, we are constantly improving the tool to ensure accuracy in its suggestions. DeepL Translator is already used by millions of people every single day. The addition of Write furthers our mission to build tools that help overcome communication barriers worldwide."


The left is the original, the middle is DeepL Write, and the right is a human. What do you think? (Open the image in a new tab if it’s too small to read.)


DeepL pointed out some grammatical errors that were missing in the right one. For example, the last sentence where DeepL uses perfect while the other versions use simple past.

On the other hand, there are parts in the DeepL translation that just “sound” worse than in the other 2 versions. For example, the first sentence. It’s usually preferable to not start a text with “ich”.

Not sure why DeepL changed that, anyway. As an improved version, I would suggest:
“Seit 22 Jahren arbeite ich als Zahnarzt und habe inzwischen meine eigene Zahnklinik.”
The word “inzwischen” makes it clear, that the person didn’t have their own clinic since 22 year, but that they opened it during that time.
Instead of “inzwischen” you could also use “heute” or “mittlerweile”.