Do you use the adjective to describe the feeling after you wake up or get up?

Like this sentence: When I wake up every morning, I always have nothing but dazed mind…

Is it weird to say that?

Thank you!!!

If you wake up feeling dazed every day, you should consider seeing a doctor. :wink:

You could use it poetically or to exaggerate, but dazed normally means dizzy.

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I feel dazed when I wake up every morning…
But more naturally, I’d say: I wake up with a foggy head every morning.
Or: My mind is/feels foggy every morning when I wake up.

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We can feel dazed when we are in shock or bewildered too. A person who recently lost their spouse, for example, might wake up feeling dazed for a period of time.

It sounds weird to me.

But you might say it this way:

When I first get up in the morning, I always feel like I’m in a daze.

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Yep, that’s even better :slight_smile: