Daylight saving time

Hi, I’d like to know about daylight saving time. When will the available event time change?

Daylight savings time ends this Sunday but it shouldn’t affect the discussion times. The system is supposed to automatically recognize the time change and show the correct times accordingly. If this isn’t happening we will let you know or you can let us know!:slight_smile:

I take Julie’s discussion at 23:00(JST) every Thursday. However I can see in the event schedule that the next discussion is at 0:00 on Friday. I think it may be caused by daylight saving time. If the discussion starts at such late time, it will be very hard to join for me.
I don’t know the system of daylight saving time very well. Can’t it be helped that the discussion time becomes one hour later than before for Japanese us?

In North America, we moved our clocks back one hour on November 4. Therefore, if Julie used to have a discussion at 11pm Japan time, the same discussion will now be at midnight Japan time. It is up to Julie to move the discussion back one hour, but she may not be available at that time. If you are part of a group that regularly meets with Julie every Thursday, I recommend that you email her to see if one hour earlier is convenient for her and the other members who do not live in Japan.

Thank you for your comment, Jill!
I mailed to Julie, and now the discussion moved earlier than before(as same as usual for Japanese).
I think daylight saving time is unfamiliar to the people whom the system don’t apply. I hope there are some detail information about it in LingQ, especially when time changes.