Daylight saving time

Does the time of the discussions on the last week of October are set up according to the daylight saving time?
I signed up in a discussion on Monday 26th at 2pm. Since we change time the 24th, at least in France -I don’t know elsewhere-, I’m not sure about the time I’ll have to be available that day.
I forgot since last year :frowning: I think this change is taken into consideration but I’m not sure …

Hi Marianne,

I thought about this problem today. I think in LingQ they are saving the GMT. So if you want to have a discussion at 2pm after the 25th, you have to sign up for a discussion at 1pm. The same is for discussion times that you want to offer.

In the US, Canada and Mexico wintertime will start one week later. All tutors has to calculate this on his own.

More informations:

Actually I signed up in that discussion at 2pm thinking that it will be at 3pm for me…But afterwards I thought that if ever the time change is not calculated, my discussion will at 1pm :frowning:
I also thought about the discussions I had set up…Do we have to calculate or no…

The 26th is Monday. As we change time two days beforehand, I will wait and see.
Still, it’s good to know in order that none of us worry or mix anything :slight_smile:

If some of us, terrestrial, really have to change time, can’t every country do that on the same day before we feel dizzy! Once backward, once forward, indeed who is crazy?

Thanks, Vera.

I believe the system should already accommodate time changes so that you shouldn’t need to do additional calculations and conversions. However, because there are so many different dates in various countries, I can’t guarantee it. :frowning:

Mark, aren’t you the boss?

I thought so but the time doesn’t listen… :slight_smile:

The time doesn’t listen to you Mark?? Oh, no! We should change this. What can we do? Can’t we ask the space to shrink the world into one place…

Turns out I’m Time… So just do what I say and you guys will be good. That’s why I like the Germans and Austrians… they’re always on me…