David's New Content

Hi everyone I’ve uploaded my first lesson into lingQ. It’s the first time so i’m not sure what works well for you guys. Would you like for me to speak faster? Slower? or is it just fine? I’m just looking for somefeedback so that I can make the content to everyone’s desire. Let me know what you think.

I’m also willing to take requests. Just send me a message.

This is great David. I find it perfect and the sound is astonishing!

I like it too, David!

In my opinion your speaking speed is just perfect ,I’ve already read your whole blog , I’m waiting for the new posts - good content - cheers :slight_smile:

Hi David,
I like your lesson very much. You have a pleasant voice to listen to and the tempo is perfect for me.
I hope that you continue to create lessons.
Thanks !!

and that sweet english accent!!! mmmmmm :wink:

Berta, close your mouth. I can see you drooling! :slight_smile:

xD you got me there!!

Excellent work, David. It’s clear that your lesson is a hit :slight_smile:

If you like, you can also change the type to Member Created – along with any future recordings you do – so that the lessons are featured on the Member Created shelf in the Library. People will be more likely to discover your imported lessons that way :slight_smile:

Great lesson David! Very neat! The sound is also great! I hope you create more lessons for us!! :wink:

That’s a great lesson!

Very nice job David. I’ve started to learn your lesson.

I’m glad that you all like. I’ll upload some more as soon as possible :slight_smile:

@ Alex. I’m a bit confused as to how I do that, could you please explain a bit further? I would appreciate. Thanks

If you go to the Import section (or click the pencil when viewing the lesson) you’ll see several filters at the bottom left – Accent, Type, Category, Level. All you have to do is change the Type to Member Created and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

Hi David, thank you for that lesson. I enjoyed it a lot. I’ve read your blog earlier, but it is great to have an audio! The quality, the speed, your pronounciation - everything is fine.

Hi David, thank you very much for uploading the lesson. I also enjoyed it. I look forward to listening to, reading, and lingQing your contents! Your voice is clear and pleasing to hear and the tempo and speed are just fine for me.