Date you started to study a certain language

I was trying to find this information somewhere, but it doesn’t seem to be recorded anywhere.
Is there a way I can find out when exactly I started learning a certain language on LingQ?

On your avatar picture, on the bottom right side, there should be a link.

Yes, you can find out by viewing your certificate for that language. To see your certificate, just go to the Learn page then click the “View Certificate” link on your Avatar. It’ll say how long you’ve been studying that language on LingQ.

Huh?:slight_smile: I haven’t had enough coffee…but I don’t have any links on my Avatar on the Learn page or elsewhere. And if I click on the avatar, I just end up at the avatar store of course. All I see are the badges above/below: Add me to your blog, Share me, 90 day challenge, get the Chrome extension… The only writing on the avatar is “Beginner Level 1”. What am I missing? (apart from brain cells)

I was able to find the link to the certificates (thanks, Alex). I know what you’re experiencing, I think. When you go to your profile, the links aren’t there, but when I click on “Learn” I can see them.

Sigh…thanks for trying to help. If I go to my Learn page from my profile, or even log out & back in, nothing changes

You do need to be above Beginner 1 in a language to see the certificate. Since you start at Beginner 1, you don’t get the certificate until you complete that level…! :slight_smile:

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Oh, hahahahaha!!! Edit: I CAN see my Japanese certificate:) My 2nd faux pas of the day…