Data deleted if I downgrade

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using LingQ for the past month or so for Korean and have really enjoyed it. Definitely a favorite resource of mine now. I’ve felt like I’ve made a lot of progress in this time as well.

Due to life getting in the way I’m planning to take some time off language learning and wanted to downgrade my LingQ subscription with the hopes of coming back at some point.

However, when I tried to downgrade I saw if I want to keep my data I have to pay $2 a month. Did I read that right in that all my data will be deleted, or is that just for the lessons/content that I’ve imported into LingQ?

To be quite honest, I can’t see myself coming back again here once I start learning again if all my data/Lingqs have been deleted. Maybe if I was to start a new language in the future, but probably not for Korean. I’ve spent a month making LinQs, saving definitions, etc. having to do it all over would be a little frustrating.

I know $2 isn’t a crazy amount, but I don’t want to be paying for a product I’m not using anymore for the time being.

I’ve used a variety of other language resources and this is the first time I’ve seen this.


To be honest, it’s kind of an archaic thing to still have as part of your product in 2022. I would think that a lot of people were in the same mindset as you and chose to never come back. thus, defeating the purpose of the feature - to retain users? can you imagine if other platforms/methods had the same thing? if Duolingo deleted a users whole tree just because they were inactive for a relatively small amount of time? ooof…

There is a potential workaround for this, which is to export your vocabulary (lessons > vocabulary > more actions > export all lingqs), and then import them back into your account at a later date (lessons > vocabulary > import vocabulary).


Yes, in order to keep your data saved on the account (LingQs, Imports, Stats), you need to activate the Vacation plan.