Dashes in the lessons due to importing ebooks

Hey everyone, I’m Dutch and I’m studying French. I just imported the book ‘Candide’ of Voltaire in LingQ, but that gives me a problem. There are a lot of dahses, halfway the sentences, for example the following french word: recon-naître. This word means to acknowledge. The system recognises the word ‘recon’ and ‘naître’. recon means nothing in French, but naître means to be born. I also can make a LingQ of the words recon and naître, so that I get recon naître, but when you practise the word there’s a strange spacebar between the words… Could anyone help me?

Yeah, for now it’s not possible to create LingQs from words with dashes, we will see if we can improve that in the upcoming updates.

That’s not really the problem OP was pointing to. The original French word is “reconnaître” without dashes. When you import a PDF LingQ keeps the breaks of words at the end of the lines, so you have to edit this out manually I think. I hate it, but I just import the PDF, edit the lessons one by one, copy the text out to open office, find and replace the dashes, remove stupid headings (Book title, page) and then paste it back to LingQ. Maybe an easier solution would be to find a better converter of pdf to text and then import that text file into LingQ, but I haven’t explored that yet.

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