I don´t like the dashboard. I have it minimize but when select a phrase in blue and discard this selection clicking in the symbol + … then the dasboard appears and i have tu minimize it again. It is very annoying.

Over the next little while we’ll be looking at ways to make this work better in minimized view. Also, we welcome your feedback on how you would like to have this operate instead.

I think the first priority is to get the new site working as designed, then we can look at adding customization to suit the needs of individual users. Your patience is appreciated.

The site worked perfectly before this change. Faster and easier and intuitive. Maybe it will take time to adapt to all this changes.

Alex, with respect to the dashboard, i would like have it minimized always unless i click to maximazed.

Another issue very important to me is the seccion My Lesson. I spent a lot of time uploading material and it was order in a certain way (alphabetic and by themes) that i can´t get right now, even clicking in order alphabetic AB. This makes me lose a lot of time searching for the lesson i want.

I´ll be patience, but please make the web as easier as possible. I love the web or loved it as it was before… I wish all the problems disapear in the future. because the method for learning is really very good.

Thanks for your feedback! I think probably the other version felt good because you had become used to it. Having spent time with the new system, we feel it’s a lot better and is definitely an improvement over what we had before. Change can be uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s the only way to make things better :slight_smile:


Thanks for your patience. We want to get the bugs fixed and then we can look at individual situations. It may also take a while to get used to the new system. We intend that the library will remember your last settings so that once you have configured it the way like it will always show you the same look.

Claro que muchas cosas han cambiado. Es preciso un rato para acostumbrarse al nuevo format. Ahora nos estamos concentrando sobre los “bugs” pero después podremos preocuparnos de las situaciones mas individuales. En principio la nueva biblioteca debe recordarse de los últimos “settings” lo que te ayudara a buscar las lecciones que quieres ver. Gracias por tu paciencia.

@tichco - The dashboard is no different than the old LingQ widget which opened when you checked the dictionary or edited a LingQ. It has to open up over the text. We will see whether we can come up with a quicker way to close it perhaps using your keyboard. There are also some sorting issues in My Lessons and Imports that we are trying to fix. The idea is that you will be able to find your lessons much more easily now than before…! Just give us another day to get it all working properly.

Really don’t like the thick black on top of the dashboard. It’s like working in a funeral hall. What’s wrong with the apple green like before? It’s way more refreshing. Besides, that combination of blue and green represents LingQ.

@mark - this is different from the previous version of lingq. If I highlight a word, decide I don’t want to make a linq, and close the little dictionary pop-up window, the dashboard pops up. Why should closing the pop-up open the dashboard? The dashboard covers some of the text and interrupts my reading.

In the old version of lingo, the only time I ever saw what I think you’re calling the dashboard is when I wanted to add a definition from a dictionary. That was very rare, so interruptions were few.

@Wulfgar - We’ve got this on our list and hope to have it fixed soon!

@3kingdoms - Interesting feedback on the colour of the header bar. We’ll discuss that once the dust settles although I quite like the new look and there is a thin green band under the blue header.