Dashboard lost

I am desperate.I installed the lingq icon on my chrome browser and I imported an article from the web to lingq. It worked but now I cannot neither click my blue words nor save them .Furthermore my article is only on half left side and the right side is empty. I cannot neither open the dashboard nor minimize it.It´s the same with all my coursed and lessons.

Has anybody an advice?

Regards from Germany, Cle

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this!

Is this happening for all lessons, or just for this specific lesson? Also, would you be able to try another browser such as Firefox or Safari to see if the same issue occurs there? This should give us a better idea of what might be causing this.

Good Evening,
yes, how I said after installing the lingQ icon on my chrome browser I had the problem with all my lessons.Before I used the browser and lingQ without problems. I could try firefox but all my things run under chrome.
I have looked for a solution in the internet blogs and lingQ but I did not find one.I have waste hours and I am very frustrated.
Regards, Cle

Hi Zoran , Hi Alex,

I installed firefox and there lingq works but it still don´t work with chrome. At chrome I cannot open the dashboared and the dictionary ect.So I cannot get the lingq extention,can´t I? It´s created only for chrome and a very usuful tool.
Furthermore I won´t change my standard broswer chrome . It runs on all my devices (smart phone, tablet…)

Ok, the next days I use lingq on firefox but let me know how I could solve the problem on chrome.So I get your lingq extension too.

Thanks for support, Cle

Hi Cle,

Thanks for the additional information on this!

Hmm, if it’s working in Firefox but not in Chrome, then it seems it may be something specific to Chrome on your computer.

Would you be able to open up a lesson then open up the Error Console and let us know which errors are appearing in the error console?
Here are instructions on how to do this: Using The Browser Error Console - Garden Gnome

Hello Alex,

I have opened the Error console ( callled developer tool ) in my chrome browser.I see there lots of elements ( scripts like mystery) but I cannot recognize an errors.It seems errors are not appearing in the console.I would like make a copy of the side but it does not work.Sorry I am a not PC expert.In opposite I always struggle with this modern techniques.Sometimes I solve a problem by trial and error .However most time I failed my aim.

But the error happened after installing the lingq icon in my brother´s toolbar.I could neither open new imports nor old ones.

Can you start a remote servicing, if I allow it?

Bye, Cle

Ps. I will fly tomorrow to London for 10 days.So I cannot answer the next ones.

Hi Cle,

Thanks for the additional information here! I have a couple more ideas in that case.

  1. Would you try opening an incognito window in Chrome, logging in to your LingQ account and seeing if the dashboard appears? You can open an incognito window by pressing Control+Shift+N on your keyboard (an icon of a man in sunglasses and a hat will appear at the top to indicate it is in incognito mode).

  2. Would you take a screenshot of the error console? You can download a program called Jing to help with this (Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith). Once you’ve taken a screenshot of the error console (with the “Console” tab selected") then send it over to us :slight_smile:

Hi Alex ,

I went incognito and like mystery the dashboard appeared and I could work as usual but it does not work in the normal mode.

Do you still need a screenshot?

Bye, Cle

Tomorrow I will fly to London.I will reply after returning in 10 days.

Great, if it works in incognito that’s good news :slight_smile:

It means the most likely scenario is that it is either (a) an issue with caching or (b) an issue with a specific extension you may have installed that is interfering with this.

Here’s what you can try:

  1. Clear your cache in Chrome: 9 Ways to Clear Your Browser Cache: Chrome, Safari, & More
  2. Open up your list of Extensions (just paste chrome://extensions/ into the address bar at the top) then disable your extensions one at a time, refreshing the Lesson page after each one, and this should help identify which one might be causing problems.