Dashboard - Ask Your Tutor Forum link is still AWOL

Unless it is a ploy by the powers that be in order to tie us non-sleepers, not to say insomniacs, even more into the forum, it would be great to have the link back soon.

At the moment there are so many questions which we cannot answer simply because we do not know to which lesson they refer. (I know that this is a known problem :slight_smile: )

I won’t say that it isn’t a ploy, nor will I disclose the purpose behind such a ploy, but needless to say it is, as they say, “on our list”. I will leave this to you to decipher what this means. And I will also let you know that this will likely not be fixed immediately, as we’ve got some vacationers who prefer to enjoy their time in the sun rather than stay up late in their hotel rooms fixing forum bugs. However! When they return in full force this will be fixed :slight_smile: