Dark/Night mode

Is there such a thing as a dark mode for this website? If not there really should be, would be such a better experience, thanks


I have mentioned this in the past to the team. That would be a really nice feature to have.


and in the APP! It becomes a norm to have dark mode, and rightly so.


Funny, I’ve been pottering away on a dark stylesheet for LingQ off and on for the past week or so! It’s a great way to put off lessons and procrastinate :wink:

I wasn’t planning on sharing it until it felt more or less finished, but it’s relevant to this thread, so here y’go:


I’m using Firefox and haven’t experimented with other browsers. The easiest way to get it working with Firefox is to install the ‘stylish’ addon (I think it exists for Chromium as well). Use that to create a “new style” for the lingq.com domain, and paste in the contents of the CSS file.


But as I said, it’s not finished. It’s probably 3 or 4 weeks away from being usable at the current rate of mucking about. Anyway, I’ll keep the contents of that google drive file updated - that’ll be its permanent address.

P.S. I agree, it’d be awesome if the LingQ website and apps had their own dark themes. I’m sure it must be on the TODO list :slight_smile:


Hey those screen shots look really good!

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That would be awesome!!!

the best solution is https://darkreader.org/ IMO. Looks great on LingQ.


yeah, great plugin, I use it too.
it can’t blacken the app tho

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Thank you!!! It worked fine!