Dark Mode Stopped Working

The highlighting of yellow and blue words in dark mode stopped working a few weeks ago (on my iOS phone). I think version 5.2 was good, and it is broken in v.5.3.

The contrast of highlighted words is so low, it is practically impossible to recognize, which words are new. The contrast in dark mode used to work really well, but stopped working in a release in June. Changing options for highlighting between “standard” and “foreground color” has no effect.

Can this be fixed, so that dark mode works with highlighting of words?

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it and have it fixed.

There’s a dark mode?

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Yes, @WillowMeDown,

Go into your settings and scroll and you will see it.

Here is a screenshot on the Android phone:

Desktop has one, too.

Just make sure you’re highlighting settings are set to foreground for Korean (anytime your in dark mode, otherwise you can’t see the highlighting colors as well):

Note: That’s found under your lesson settings under your settings menu.

Definitely a great feature/mode to have!


Thank you!
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