Dark mode returns (but with strange coloring for word definitions)

Thank you for returning dark mode. Please also return the shading/coloring for word definitions. Example below.

This is how it used to be:

This is how it is now:

We don’t need the first suggested definition to be so much brighter than everything else.
But we do need our chosen definition to be clearly readable! Black text with a dark grey background is difficult to read. White text in dark mode is much easier. Kindly make that change.


Same issue, the dark mode colors are not correct and the dark blue theme was just overwritten instead of a new option. After 1 week of this, it is very disappointing to see such a low effort fix.


Thanks, I’ll pass your feedback to our team.


Very disappointing. It’s not even back… not even the background (it’s darker). It’s kind of crazy that they can’t just return it to how it was… Was all evidence of the old theme destroyed, and we are now trying to piece it back together from memory?


It’s not only the definitions that are unreadable. The automatic tags’ borders now blend into the background and cannot be seen anymore. Also the background colour icon on the far right (half white/half black) suggests that it should be used to switch back and forth between light and dark mode. It doesn’t work. Very disappointed as well.

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Hmmm. Seems to be working for me on Edge browser. Maybe they’ve corrected since this last post? I did have to go into the settings and go from dark to another setting and then back to dark again to actually get dark back (it was still white upon first entry). However, the highlighting was all fine. I use “foreground” style for highlighting in dark theme if it makes a difference.

Someone mentioned in another thread that they had to “reload” the lesson to get theirs to work.

still an issue using Chrome on MacOS, even with all the updates. really not an unusual combination of hardware with software. strange that this combination gets overlooked by testers.