Dark Mode for mobile app

I think it would be very nice to have an option for reading in dark mode in the app. I read on my iPad a lot, but I find myself switching back to the Kindle app often because the reading experience is so much smoother and the different color schemes are more pleasing to my eyes. Just a suggestion, but I hope other people would also enjoy that kind of thing.


That would be a cool feature to have.

Hi @enjoibrian,
You can actually use “Invert colour” option on your iPad to use the LingQ app (or any other app) during night. This turns white interface elements black and vice versa, which is roughly what Dark Mode does.
Open the Settings app and tap General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colours. You should now tap Smart Invert so its slider turns green.

Hope this helps!

Hi Zoran. It would be really good if the mobile app and maybe also the web version had alternative colours of the background. For example I would highly appreciate having slightly greyish background like the one on the web outside the main text window. It would definitely give my eyes a second life:) Or if I can somehow change it myself please let me know how.

Hi Mariotkd.
Are you using Android app? If so, under settings on your device, find Screen/Display and there you will be able to activate “Eye Adjustment” option. That should help. Usually Android devices have shortcuts if you swipe on the top of the screen and this option should be available under shortcuts too.

Thanks, I’ll check it.

Thanks zoran. I’ve actually used inverted colors a few times. Although it’s a quick easy fix, it’s still not ideal since all the highlighting colors are also inverted and the text is bright white, whereas a true dark mode usually has a softer color on a dark background. Inverting colors is relatively quick with the Accessibility Shortcut triple-click, so I will continue trying it out for now, but a true dark theme would be ideal. Thanks for listening, and I hope you consider it if enough people are interested.

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